About Michelle Don Vito

My mother was a fine artist, a painter from the depths of her soul. As a little girl I would fall asleep watching her paint and I sat for more portraits than I can remember. Mostly what I recall is that it was hard to do without squirming and wishing I were somewhere else, but in the end I realized how much she taught me. About color, proportion, composition, and how to develop a discerning eye. And patience. Oh yes, she taught me patience.

My father, on the other hand, was a self-employed salesman. He could sell ice to Eskimos, falafels in Fallujah and vacuums to suckers. Sitting at the dinner table and listening to him talk about his day, he taught me the fine art of persuasion, communication and motivation. And perseverance. Oh yes, he taught me perseverance.

So when art and sales get together, it’s only natural that what they create is an advertising art director. It was either that or sell paintings door to door. I think I made a good choice.